Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Better late than never: Check out Chana's Sept. 30th post "Alone for a Shabbos"

Stern College freshman Chana spent a Shabbat alone in the dorm, and got a taste of what life might be like for a single adult of post-college age.

"I think I understand now about why we give hospitality to others, and why it is necessary. Because to live in that silence day after day would be too unbearable, too frightening, too disquieting. Even with books.

To come home to nothing, to go out knowing that no one is waiting for you...what does that do to a person? All kinds of things, I would think. Of course, that's why some people stay away. They go to bars, or to restaurants; they spend time with people whenever they can.

I have a new understanding of what it means to be alone, as opposed to being lonely."

Recommended reading.


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